So you wonder who I am?
That's nice...
Because I'm also interested in knowing who you are!
Or actually, how you are...

How you're thinking, how you make decisions, how your mind operates;
These questions are the essence of my work. And my greatest passion.

From an early age, I had this attraction to understanding human thought.

My story begins at the age of 6, I went with my parents and my little sister for a trip in the US with an RV, for a year!

We left the country when I was in the middle of first grade and I started home-schooling.
I didn't have good English, but I had a magic kit that we bought in Vegas from a dubious shop in the city center.

Six-years-old me (like any young child) wanted more than the limited family company
and started seeking other social connections.

The only words I knew (with an Israeli childish accent) were "Do you want to see a MAGIC?", A phrase I used a lot more often then you would expect.


I assembled a small group that I would perform for wherever I went.

Since then the love the for the impossible art has not left me.
I surround myself with conceptual illusions, cognitive biases, magic techniques, and psychological principles.

Many Magicians say that their pleasure is to "See the smile on the face of others"

I say: Don't give me cliches, I love understanding people, human consciousness is a mystery that fascinates me and I am eager to solve it.

Magic gives me a precise window to this world.
Want to see me do it?

Watch me!

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