Mentalism, or as I prefer to call it-"Art of Deception"
is an art that puts the man at the center, doubts the accepted views and creates a new reality for all who sees it ...

The show "The Art of Impossible" was written in advance as an artistic work.

Those who watch it go through a process, are presented with new ideas that may make them wonder about the daily things they experience.


As a Deception artist, I try to undermine fundamental assumptions.
In my view, this is the core of the profession, from assumptions that are easy to challenge (for example, that I can not influence your free will) and to very basic assumptions that require a lot of work to undermine (the assumption that your thoughts are private...)


When you leave the show thinking about things differently, you will see the world a little richer and hopefully, I will be able to make you smile a bit more to this reality :)

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